Eastern Snackhouse ~ Chinese food in Delft

When you want to find a good traditional Chinese restaurant, follow the Chinese. They usually know the authentic places. Don’t expect a lot of friendly talk with the service, because it’s all about having the food fast. Exactly how I like it. Eat first, talk later.
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In Delft (NL) there is also a small gem where you can get delicious Chinese food. They also serve some Japanese and Indonesian dishes. But you should go for the Chinese food, because the owners are Chinese. The last time I went there I tried their congee for the first time. The owner suggested to have it with surimi sticks instead of chicken. And it was a very good choice! The congee was salty enough, thick enough. Oh wait. It wasn’t congee, because there was no rice in it. Soup I guess then.. 玉米汤 (corn soup)

It has: surimi sticks, egg swirls, corn.. It’s so good! I recommend it. Here is a drawing of it:

Delft Eastern snackbar-01

The lady owner is also very friendly. If you can talk Chinese, she will have a little chat with you and it feels like talking to a mom in a home environment. Really lovely ^^

And of course the food is also very good. I don’t really know the names of the dishes, but you can ask her for the best Chinese dishes. Don’t pick the rice + some meat dishes (for one person), but pick veggie and meat dishes. Share with your friends and you can try a lot of good stuff. Oh and did I say it is quite cheap? Go! Go!

Visit them!

Eastern Snackhouse
Kromstraat 35, 2611 EP Delft, The Netherlands
+31 (0)6 39636 493

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