I Love Food


Good food just tastes good, you know. The right amount of salt, aroma of the ingredients. Delicious smell.. I like to eat salty things, savoury dishes. Sweets and desert are also nice, but I don’t need a lot of it. I prefer to try a lot of things, instead of munching down the same thing. So buffets, all-you-can-eats, dimsum and tapas are good places to try a lot of different things.

In South-Korea they have a lot of side dishes. You also have a lot of different tastes. The side dishes usually have a very strong flavour; very salty, sour or spicy. It was an explosion of strong tastes. I loved it!

Side dishes

Taiwan has very soft tastes, but just the right amount of salt and flavour. They really create wonderful dishes.

Food in taipei


I like the bite of food. When I was little I like to grind my teeth on a towel. But now I enjoy the strong bite of bread with a good crust. French baguette or Dutch bread, the best bread in the world.

I also like green vegetables with a crunchy bite. Like Tonghao (茼蒿), GaiLan (芥蓝) and other Chinese veggies. Lightly stir fry them with oyster sauce and you have a delicious and healthy dish.

Stir fry veggie

The people

I love eating, because food also connects people. Eating with more people is also “gezelliger” (more fun) than eating alone. Food makes me happy, so I like to make delicious food to share with others and also to make them happy.

I noticed I grew up with eating first, than talk. So when eating out, don’t expect a nice conversation with me during eating. I will be busy eating. After my tummy is full, I can talk 😛 Especially when sharing the food like in a Chinese restaurant, you first need to fight for your food. Then you can talk. Hmm.. so the western eating style is quite suitable for talking, since you already have your own portion and you don’t need to fight for it.


Good food comes after cooking. I also enjoy cooking a lot. I get to be creative with ingredients and I can create something delicious afterwards. Isn’t that great? My first cooking skill I learned was stir frying food. If you know how long it will take for every ingredient to get done  and to get all the ingredients done at the same time, then you have mastered stir frying. And you need to know the right amount of salt (1/2 teaspoon). With this skill set, you can create a gazillion dishes with different ingredients.

Stir frying is just winging it: put some ingredients together and it taste good. Wouldn’t it be great if life was like this? Just do something and it turns out great!

Just stir fry your life together

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