Recipe: Stir fry chicken, potato, carrot

Last week I planned to make pancakes for lunch with leftover veggies and fried chicken. But the plan changed, because I had too much ingredients. So it became a stir fry mix. It reminded me of ratatouille, though I have never have eaten ratatouille…I think.

Here is the recipe:

The duration for stir frying is guessed, just go with your feeling.

PotatoChickenCarrot-01 PotatoChickenCarrot-02 PotatoChickenCarrot-03 PotatoChickenCarrot-04 PotatoChickenCarrot-05 PotatoChickenCarrot-06 PotatoChickenCarrot-07 PotatoChickenCarrot-08 PotatoChickenCarrot-09 PotatoChickenCarrot-10

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