Lazy as a pig

So I haven’t been active at all with my blog. Which shows my lazy side, or maybe my procrastination side? My original plan to visit restaurants and think of ideas for them, that’s a bit of the table. Or at least it doesn’t motivate me enough to actually do that. So recently I tried to create a logo for Lazy Pig Passion. Which resulted in these logos:


I don’t have a favourite one, so I still need to create the “YES, THIS IS IT”-logo.

I have created some other visual ideas for the logo, like this pig with a noodles bowl on his head. I really enjoy eating those ‘healthy’ noodle packages, so you can say that the pig is me. NoodlePig-03

Often when I have to eat dinner alone I make noodles filled with green veggies, tomatoes, an egg, surimi sticks and other good stuff.

Noodles! Ramen! <3

Noodles! Ramen! <3

I think I will post more about things I cook. Might be fun…

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