Food diary #4 (dec’17/jan’18)

December and January (till now) have been great food months. I didn’t realize it, but man! I ate a lot of delicious stuff. Time to share with the rest of the world. Watch and salivate. There is an excellent Korean BBQ restaurant in Tilburg. This is the bibimbap they served. It tasted so good! It […]
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Family time

I am off to the parents, going to eat la mian or dumplings! A short comic for today. See you in the next post. Have a good weekend!

2017 Year review

It’s already 2018! Time to take a moment to reflect on 2017. 2017 has been a fruitful year. A lot of new projects, like Foodventures with Lazy Penguin. Oh well, that’s it actually. Restaurant reviews already existed since 2014 on the blog… Did you know my first post is a restaurant review about a burger […]
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A new year, a new look

Don’t be alarmed, I gave Lazy Pig Passion a new look. After two years of using the Adelle theme, I have finally decided to try something new. After browsing hours through all the themes, I finally found one that I liked. Say hello to InfoWay. (The website style you are looking at right now) With some […]
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Recipe: Easy Chinese cucumber salad

This cucumber salad is very easy to make. I often make it as extra vegetable dish, when you need some veggie vitamins. I think it originates from China, since I learned it from my mother and adjusted it to my liking. Ingredients: 1 cucumber 1 spring onion 1 tsp salt Sauce: 1 tsp vinegar 3 […]
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